sean thielen

Deep experience + specialized knowledge + unswerving reliability = standout value




“In serving our high-tech customers, we generate editorial articles describing the amazing work our customers do. Sean is very professional and thorough when he interviews them and is able to help translate the content that can be very technical into something that is more appropriate to the general audiences we are trying to reach. The end result is that the customer is very happy with the way they are represented, and my high-tech clients are happy with the impactful articles.”

Rick Johnson

RJMJ Enterprises

“Time and again, Sean has helped us synthesize technology, industry and consulting messages. He knows how to translate the input he gets from our SMEs into digestible, compelling content. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sean.”  

 Heather Verity

Marketing Manager
TBM Consulting

“I’ve worked with Sean from many years and across different industries. I know that regardless of the complexity of the subject matter, when I hand a project off to Sean, he’s going to deliver high quality content on time. He’s innovative, resourceful, a proactive communicator and never short of new ideas. He’s just so easy to work with.”

Christina Ross

Marketing Director

“There’s never a headache working with Sean. He’s able to concisely explain arcane subject matter, in a way that doesn’t bog down or get boring. He pays attention to grammar, spelling, trademarking, and each client’s preferred voice and style, which means that when I do my editing pass, I’m not distracted by lots of nitpicky errors. Sean also sticks to the schedule, so there is ample time for a thorough edit. And he’s a pleasure to work with: he promptly responds to any queries I might have and collaborates to fine-tune a tricky sentence or put the final polish on some prose.”

Elizabeth Erskine
Independent Editor