sean thielen

Ensure your strategic messages and big ideas come through loud and clear.


White Papers

I’ve written 40+ white papers.* Why does that matter? Because a white paper is a big, expensive, and important project. Good white papers can help generate leads for years. Poorly executed white papers waste money and everyone’s time. Your clients’. Yours. And your SMEs’ and reviewers’.

My process helps ensure we get things right

  • Step 1: A bullet-proof project brief
  • Step 2: Discovery
  • Step 3: Outline
  • Step 4: Full drafts
  • Step 5: Layout/finalization

White paper types

  • Problem/solution

  • Thought leadership

  • Product or solution backgrounder

 Optional add ons

  • Supporting blog post(s)

  • Announcement email

  • Social media blurbs (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook)

* Conservative estimate based on four white papers a year for at least 10 years. The actual number is likely higher.

Bring your prospects inside your IoT solution experience. 


Case Studies

Yes, on some level, case studies are about how your solution helped a client.  But what’s equally important is that prospects see a little of themselves in a case study.

That means it’s important to dig down beyond boilerplate challenges and pain points, and really understand the  unique technical hurdle or business issue you helped a client overcome, in addition to any important industry-related considerations that drove them toward your solution. I can do that.  

I also understand how important it is to make the case study process as easy and pleasant as possible on your clients. My process helps ensure that they have a good experience.

Step 1: Kickoff
Step 2: Discovery/question development
Step 3: Client call
Step 4: Drafts
Step 5: Layout/finalization

Optional add ons

  • Social media blurbs

  • Mini case studies for inclusion in brochures and other deliverables

  • PowerPoint slides

Case study types

  • Technical (2- or 4-page formats)

  • Business (2- or 4-page formats)

  • Deep dive