White Paper Process

Step 1: A bullet-proof project brief

First, we’ll discuss:

  • Your goals, including how you plan to use the paper and what it needs to accomplish.
  • Your audience, to ensure we are properly focused and speaking to the right people at the right level.
  • What’s happening in the marketplace that warrants a white paper on the topic.
  • What background you can provide and who can provide SME input.
  • Who will lay out the paper and design graphics.
  • Potential project hurdles.
  • Preferred style and formats.
  • Stakeholders.

Based on our discussion, I will put together a detailed project brief that summarizes:

  • Key points from above.
  • Recommended format and length.

(I can also work from your brief, making recommendations as needed.)

Step 2: Discovery

  •  I review all available background and develop questions for our first call.
  • We set up an initial call with key SMEs and stakeholders to explore the paper topic.
  • Add calls as needed.

Step 3: Outline

  • I will develop a detailed outline that includes three working title options and all proposed sections of the paper.
  • We make sure that key stakeholders believe the paper will resonate with readers and that we’re not missing any critical points.

Step 4: Full drafts

  • I carefully consider the feedback from SMEs and stakeholders, ask clarifying questions as needed and put together a full draft.
  • Three rounds of revisions included.

Step 5: Layout/finalization

  • Once we have signoff from all SMEs and stakeholders, we hand off the paper to the designer.
  • I am available to discuss concepts in the paper in support of good design.
  • I will continue to review and edit the paper for up to two rounds of layout without additional charges.

Terms: To reduce the risks of working with a new writer, I bill1/3 of the total project fee in advance, 1/3 after the first draft, and the final 1/3 upon completion. I want us both to be proud of the work we complete together, so I strive for 100% satisfaction on every paper.